Multiple sets of information under 1 deal.

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It would be useful to be able to have multiple sets of field information under 1 deal. 
This would work on a banner style and would allow companies dealing with continuous cases to store the details under one page rather than having to create a new deal

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  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Leo,

    I am not entirely sure what you mean. What kind of sets of information would you need to store?

    Remember that even if there are multiple deals for a continuous case, they will all be linked to the same person/org, so there is a place where everything is stored and documented. You can always go back and check closed deals too (won or lost).

    You can also add custom fields to store past information if needed.

    Have a great week!

  • Leo
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    Hi @Andreia Freixo, I missed your reply. To expand on the above. 

    I provide legal services and the solicitors instruct us to provide medical reports. Often these are done in parts or sections. E.g. Instruction for 
    1. medical report. then 
    2. Amendments to report then 
    3. Conference meeting 
    4. Court attendance etc... 

    Basically I already have loads of custom fields down the side of the deal relating to specific dates the customer instructed us, the fee we charge, cost of the service etc. however my 20+ custom fields need to be re-inputted every time for each point above. For example we have a custom field "Fee Quoted to Solicitor" this will be different each time and I have 20+ fields that repeat each time. 

    Therefore, currently I need to create a new deal for each point rather than continue on the same deal.

    It would be cleaner and more efficient to have a Primary Deal and then multiple sub deals underneath this corresponding to the further instructions we get but relating to the same primary purchase. 

    Or have multiple tabs on the custom fields bar (down the left side of deals page) where we could input multiple info. This would be cool as all the email correspondence would be on the one deal however with the ability to fill in the field information down the side panel multiple times as the legal case develops. 

    This is not dissimilar to someone instructed for a multiple part project where each part is quoted independently. There are too many custom fields to duplicate them all 3-5 times.

    As mentioned currently as the case develops I create multiple deals, however there is no way to link all of them as belonging to the same Legal Case.

    Happy to speak and describe further.