Track visitors on website that came from our pipedrive content (such as emails)

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We have activated Leadfeeder on our site and get some IP lookup results linking to businesses. That's great, but I am wondering about the link click tracking we are also doing, when sending out emails to leads from Pipedrive. When people click these links we get a pretty strong signal who they are, that Pipedrive should be able to pick up on, so the Leadfeeder list is populated with the lead's business and also the lead's profile in Pipedrive should be updated with their website behaviour.

I may have overlooked, that this is already possible?


br, Simon 



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    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your feedback, it's truly appreciated.

    On web visitors, you have a filter that allows you to filter by Source/medium —  meaning the source of visit, such as 'google / organic', or 'direct'. This is as close as you can get to that kind of information.

    You can find more information about Web Visitors here:

    Hope it helps!

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