Subscription revenue report - Values of the one-time payments

Daria Guryanova
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I have added the subscription plan to most of my customers. 

In some cases, we have payments that are billed extra, so I added "Additional Payment". In other cases we receive the payments only once so added it as "Payment schedule" - 1 payment.

When I generate a report I want to see how much revenue we are making - subscriptions + one-time payments + additional fees. 

The graph seems to show the data correctly. But when I click to see the details of each month - the table shows only the value of the deals. This way I can't see which customers did those one-time and/or additional payments. 

Is there a way to see not the value of the deal but the value of payment
Or adding the column of Revenue type to the table with Deals



  • Richard Ham
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    Agreed. I spent a long time entering all the transaction data and incorrectly assumed that I would be able to access these transactions against the relevant deal. Wrong.

    Further to the OP's request, when you click on a historical bar, it will show current deal values, not the transactions that made up that total, so the values do not align and are incorrect. This is a bug.

    Can you please resolve by showing all the transactions. This is an urgent issue for me as I need to combine this data with forecast subscription data (in the other report) in excel to create a combined ARR plus forecast report. I'll request this in another post.


  • Maciej Krajewski

    I totally agree - it is nice that there is a subscription revenue report but it is completely useless for any analyses as you can not export the payment values and the day it happens...😑