Are my projects safe/backed up?

Matt Lyons
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I'm feeling like the current system is workable enough for me to switch over my projects into here and to no longer use excel.

If I do this exclusively though, I just need to know my project information is going to be safe!

I don't want to run two systems. I just want to work from the one place.

I know this is still Beta, but I'm guessing my actual data and functionality is safe to trust on here? Happy to move it out if I need to for whatever reason, I'd just need notice.

This will also help me to provide more useful feedback if I'm using it exclusively.


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Matt Lyons 

    Although this area is in BETA it is directly connected to our Pipedrive databases that also support the rest of Pipedrive's functionality. We're having daily backups there which include your projects, activities, notes, files, and all other things. 

    So in short, your data is safe with us, have fun with the projects area!