We need a Contacts Management platform Plan by Pipedrive (without leads and pipeline)

Xavier - Admin
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Sorry, we're leaving, as we already have leads and pipeline in our ERP (and it's no the pipedrive quality, but it's the internal choice..)

In fact you have all the features we need in the professionnal plan 

  • Shared contacts by teams with / OK
  • Sync to phones address book / OK
  • Web & App interface / OK
  • API

But, actually we don't need the leads, pipeline.

So it's more a Pipedrive contacts management for teams that we need (and frankly, there's no one doing it correctly on the market, except Copper on GSuite).

Happy to discuss it with you product team if they want (as a PM, i know it's possible and can be a good product @ pipedrive).



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