Feature request: pin notes in expanded form

Terry Bucknell
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When we close a deal, we pin a note to the top of the deal containing implementation notes. Just the first line of those is visible and you have to click on the explained icon to view the full note. We'd like to be able to pin them in expanded form. After all, if it's important enough to pin the note, isn't it likely that you want to be able to make the full note visible?

(it should be an option to pin the note in expanded form - I appreciate that you might not always want the full note visible by default, particularly if it is very long).



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  • Nicolas Meibohm
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    I was actually searching for a setting that all notes are expanded. I would like our notes to be like a feed that one could quickly go through. If there is something like that already pls let me know : ) Thanks! 

  • Martin Sarsale
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    Hi, I was wondering if this is solved or there's a workaround for this