Coming back after some time to give feedback about group emailing

Martin Pecha_2338
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I am coming back to raise awareness about not-so-great user experience of product feature group emailing.

Issues to consider put into product backlog or some small product sprint :)

  • you cannot send more than 100 emails at once - the issue is, clicking those mails and then remembering where you ended (you can do workarounds but not ideal) - a nice to have feature
  • you cannot preview emails before sending - this is an issue when you are using some dynamic fields - I have always 110 % adrenalin when I have to send some group emails with dynamic fields - this is to me an important feature
    • this could be solved by a button to send a test email with the first person
    • or simply preview feature
  • you cannot pause group emailing when you realize that you messed up - sometimes it happens, that you realize something is not working - would be nice to pause it - but this is a nice to have feature
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  • Samo Jurdik
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    Yes, exactly. These are my concerns as well.

  • svamann
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    Sending more than 100 mails at once would be really helpful for us, too. The limit does not really prevent anything (because I can send as many as I want, I only need to do a lot of error-prone manual clicking...). And I can even send more emails by having them sent through an automation (e.g. on marking activities as done). So why the heck is the limit for anyways? It seems to just make UX worse...

    Preview would also be highly appreciated here. Ideally even with the option to fix individual mails manually... created a separate post for this:

  • svamann
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    I've been discussing this with our "Pipedrive Success Manager" for a while now. In short:

    Apparently there's some technical reason why some email providers cannot send more than 100 mails at a time. It's unclear to me still, while we all have to live with the lowest common standard here. And even if, Pipedrive could build a facade to take care of this, sending, e.g., 200 mails in two batches of 100 mails each under the hood, without us ever knowing or caring.

    We discussed how to at least make the UX better, by being able to select "the next 100" easily. But this will be up for discussion earliest next year.