Coming back after some time to give feedback about group emailing

I am coming back to raise awareness about not-so-great user experience of product feature group emailing.

Issues to consider put into product backlog or some small product sprint :)

  • you cannot send more than 100 emails at once - the issue is, clicking those mails and then remembering where you ended (you can do workarounds but not ideal) - a nice to have feature
  • you cannot preview emails before sending - this is an issue when you are using some dynamic fields - I have always 110 % adrenalin when I have to send some group emails with dynamic fields - this is to me an important feature
    • this could be solved by a button to send a test email with the first person
    • or simply preview feature
  • you cannot pause group emailing when you realize that you messed up - sometimes it happens, that you realize something is not working - would be nice to pause it - but this is a nice to have feature
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