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Gary Allen
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Trying to integrate a LinkedIn automation tool in beta on Zapier called we-connect with Pipedrive and it's not pulling the company/organisation data through when the action is to Create a Person. Whenever I test the data the Organisation is not being pulled through. I use the custom setting when setting up the action for Pipedrive to follow but no organisation data is going through.




  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Gary Allen

    I can see that Zapier is giving you an alert for an error in your zap (see the red exclamation mark on the right side of the screen). Check there for clues as to what may be happening.

    I would also test it out mapping from the "Organization" tab in Zapier. Could it be that the Person being pulled in fact is not associated with an Organization and that's why it's coming in blank?

    If the issue still remains, I recommend you reach out to our Support team, who will help you with any further troubleshooting necessary from our end, or to we-connect's Customer Support.