Recurring Activities: Please help us by filling this survey for research!

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EDIT: Thank you for your responses. We shall close this survey now. Much appreciated! :) 


Dear Pipedrive community, 

We’re currently researching recurring/repeating activities in Pipedrive. This would impact your activity, calendar and list views. We know this topic has been mentioned often in the community. 

We’d like to gather your feedback with a short survey that shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes to fill. Your feedback will help us a lot! 

Here's the link ->

PS. We'll also follow up with interviewing some of you soon. We're excited about this! 

Thank you,


  • Tom Grissom_59467
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    I think what you guys should have some focus on is time based triggers for automations. Such as emails sent out on holidays or after a certain amount of time for following up with leads and clients. Time triggered reminders also for leads who have not been contacted in XX amount of days. 

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