Feature request : Automatically add product descriptions to the product note when adding a product t

Tanguy Delehonte
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Hello Pipedrive, I need some help

Today, when we create products, we can add a label, but also a more detailed description.  

However, when we add a product in a deal, the label appears, but not the description which is essential. Instead, it is possible to add a note. This note should be replaced by the description of the product when it was filled in the product form.

I tried to create an automation to fill this field automatically, but Pipedrive doesn't let you use the product data.  

Working with the Syncq Syncrhonization tool to connect Pipedrive and Quickbooks, this missing feature breaks my entire integration chain for something that makes sense to me.  

Why offer a product description if it doesn't appear when adding a product to a deal?  

I would like to have a follow up on this request if possible.

Thank you,


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