Pipedrive Podcast by Evolve - #7 Aircall, Enryck Serin

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Evolve - Pipedrive Podcast The Marketplace - Aircall & Pipedrive 


Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell, talks with Enryck Serin, Partner UK Account Manager at Aircall, a cloud phone system for modern businesses that works directly with Pipedrive. 



- What is Aircall? 

- What business problem does Aircall solve? 

- Aircall - what does the future hold? 

- Aircall & Pipedrive 

- how do they integrate? 

- What works well between the two systems? 

- How to improve customer service with Pipedrive & Aircall? 

- Enryck’s top tips for Aircall & Pipedrive 

Considering Aircall? Start your 7-Day Free Trial today with this link: https://aircall.grsm.io/aircall-evolve-podcast

Questions for Enryck Serin? You can reach him on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/enryckserin/ 


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