Enterprise software: How do you sell it to prospects?

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Selling a $1 million software contract to an organization is a completely different ball game to selling a $120 annual subscription to one person. 

Known as enterprise software sales, or complex sales, the selling cycle can last months. It involves building relationships with prospects and tailoring a solution that addresses their specific problems and needs. 

These three sales strategies can help you and your team close bigger deals.

1.Spin selling

SPIN selling is about building relationships with prospects, then  presenting your solution to match their problem. 

Reps should ask situational “SPIN” questions to guide their prospects through the sales funnel rather than following a rigid script.

  • Situation. Asking about a prospect’s processes, tools, objectives and responsibilities.
  • Problem. Asking about the prospect’s challenges. 
  • Implication. Asking about the problems uncovered in the previous step to help understand how they negatively affect their company.
  • Need. Asking about potential solutions your prospect has already come across and introducing your own.

2. Challenger selling

The Challenger sales model focuses on taking control of a sales experience based on a prospect’s individual problems. 

It forces prospects to contemplate a new perspective and opens the door to encouraging them to consider an alternative way forward.

3. Consultative selling

Consultative selling is when sales reps put the customer relationship above their desire to promote or sell a product. 

Poor relationships with customers are one of the biggest reasons for churn, so taking the time to focus on your customer, their needs and their biggest pain points will help you build trust  and win repeat business.

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    Nice blog post! 🖤 

    A critical difference between enterprise sales and transactional is that decisions are taken by larger groups of people (buying enter or buying committee). And it is crucial to understand the individual stakeholder roles & needs.

    We built a Pipedrive add-on that helps with this process. 

    You can get it for free here: https://marketplace.pipedrive.com/app/vizrm/4b3640cf8fe2b2a4 

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