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How does Email Tracking work? Does it only register if the email was opened in another window?

For instance, I can see through link tracking that 10 people have clicked on the link in my email but apparently nobody has opened it? What does that mean?


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    All email tracking works by adding a tracking pixel to the email you send. When the email is opened, the tracking pixel is "seen" and so we can have the information that the email was opened. Unfortunately, browsers, extensions and email providers (among and others) all have ways to block these tracking pixels. This makes it so that the information is sometimes not 100% reliable. We sadly cannot control this.

    The best way to go around this is to take into consideration both the information from the link tracking and the email opening together. That should give you more accurate information.

    Hope this helps!

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    What about when you have an email opened 6 or 7 times? could that be an error too? or can someone actually open the email 6 or 7 times?

    Thank you.


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    Well HubSpot is way ahead in so many things but that is why it is very expensive. However I agree.