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Jacques de Muelenaere
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Is there an add-in where I can have a drop down for each prospect/lead that I can categorize them by industry? ( similar to NAICS) I have a custom field for it that right now I am manually updating. I guess I could do a drop down myself - but was wondering if there was one already built so that I don't do work that was already done?

Related: is there a way to populate a drop down with all the options at once? or do I add them one by one only?



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Jacques,

    There isn't an out of the box field for industry, it would be best to just maintain it in your custom field [which you can switch from a text field to a dropdown]


    You can export all of the records that are already populated, de-dupe them in excel, and then create the dropdown.