Add additonal owners to a dashboard

Bernd Auer
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Sometimes the head of sales creates a dashboard with a lot of reports for his sales team. And he shares it with the team. But if he leaves the company and his is deactivated as user, the dashboard is not accessible anymore. 

So in a perfect world you could add an additional owner to a dashboard (and all used reports). And/or you will be asked if you want to transfer the personal dashboards/reports to another user before the deactivation.

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  • Pam Gallinger
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    This would be extremely helpful as I've been manually recreating reports from a previous employee who left and we will be deactivating the account soon. So the only way to keep these reports is to manually re-add them which is very time consuming. You should be able to transfer ownership to another user. 

  • Alexandre Dumont
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    Hi ! Do we have an update about this subject of additional owners or the transfer of dashboard ownership ? 
    Thanks a lot !