Advance vs Professional?

Timothy Sirard
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Anyone can say if pipedrive professional is worth the money over advance?

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Timothy Sirard , this very much depends on which features and what kind of use you are getting out of Pipedrive. You can find out the specifics of each plan here.

    In case you would like to know more about the right plan for you, please reach out to our Support team who will be able to quickly help you.

  • Timothy Sirard
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    Hi Manual: We are a contract research organization CRO that does clinical studies . hard to say what list we need but we get a lot of existing and potential clients emailing sales and other operations team members at the same time and we need an easier way to know who is getting contacted and when replies are sent from clients/potential leads etc... easily getting their information into contacts, knowing when they have contacted more than 1 person, does any info help coming from LInkedIN (most people do not have their work emails so this seems to fail me).   Getting the best analytics for sales and also know which level gives the best analytics for sales people and productivity stats (can you see how active a person is and a trend if they are doing really well or falling behind in sales).  We offer multiple services and products , some are new, some are separate, some are in a package, and many repeat do not contact sales anymore, just their last contact person in operations.  And of course how do we keep sensitive study data from going into PipeDrive etc.. (the same person that reaches out for new work may also be working on a project in another lead or deal)