Product Categories for Reporting

Lynn Vlok
Lynn Vlok Member Posts: 1

I need to be able to report using product categories but am unable to do so.  When will this be available?

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Lynn Vlok , you can find out more on this matter via this thread.

  • André Dubé
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    Hi Manuel, I have read this post and it's not showing how a report can be build using product category. 

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi @André Dubé @Lynn Vlok ,

    Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to create reports based on Products.

    In 2023 we are focusing in improving significantly the Products feature.

    Feel free to suggest other improvements you would like in the Products Catalog like reporting for us to take in consideration during research phase. Many thanks :)

  • Paul Minors
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    Hi @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco do you have an update on when reporting by product category will be available?

  • TJim
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    Hello @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco

    Being able to report by product category is really important to our company

    We have built 4 product categories (encompassing 18 products)

    For us to report by product is too granular, and our finance team needs to be able to see pipeline deal forecasting by category.

    We appreciate your help and guidance

  • Paul Minors
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    I've also had a number of other clients ask when this is going to be possible.

  • Gavin Perry
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    It is now 2024 - I too desperately need to report by product category. Right now I have one report that I have to add over 140 products to it, since we cannot select the product category they all belong too. Pleeeeeease add this record as an option, it can't be that hard