Join our research: how information is organised in Pipedrive [CONCLUDED]


EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 


Hi everyone 👋

I am looking to talk to users of Pipedrive about how information is organised in Pipedrive.

The topics we will touch in this research are:

  • How do you find different types of information?
  • How do you categorise and sort information?
  • Is your experience consistent trough Pipedrive?


We will look into features like search, filters and labels

➡️If you have insights on these topics you would like to share please schedule a time here.

  • Deadline: Jan 28th, 2022.
  • Limited slots available.
  • The interview will not last more than 30 minutes.

Thank you!


  • Eli Glanz
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    looks like the link is not working

  • Liisa Schneemann
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    Eli Glanz said:

    looks like the link is not working

    Thank you for letting us know. I have updated the link. Feel free to try again :)

  • Cassie_37845
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    I'd love to do this but all the times are like between 1-4am my time. Is there a way to schedule something else?

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