What is the best way for us to implement this so we can view reports? Need to track a few important

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We are switching over to Pipedrive from Copper and want to see what is the best way for us to setup the system for the following. We are a small business focused on generator sales and service. We sell to homeowners, builders, contractors, and we also export.

The following is what I want to track

  1. The amount of leads we are receiving per month and their sources. I am thinking of creating a pipeline for this and having custom fields indicating their source. Would I be able to create a report to see this?
  2. When a lead from that first pipeline is qualified and determined to be someone we can potentially sell a product to, we will move them to another pipeline, depending on their needs. I would want to have another report where I determine how many qualified leads are being converted into actual business.

I don’t know if I’m explaning myself properly.

Report 1 - total amount of leads received per month with a breakdown of the source of each lead

Report 2 - conversion rate of leads to qualified customers

Report 3 - conversion rate of qualified customers to sales

Report 4 - conversation rate of leads to sales


Thanks for any guidance!