How do you use 'labels' in deals?

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I'm thinking on idea of using 'labels; feature for lead scoring purpose. But have no clue why should I use it instead of custom field. Please share your ideas ho you use it.


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    This was exactly my question, but no help here. can you answer it Taras ?

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    I've used Labels in deals as the type of service the deal is for. Landscape maintenance, Landscape Construction, Snow, Enhancement.

    You could also call it by department or profit center.

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    Not much use for it, to be honest.

    Labels in the Pipeline view appear as colored bars, which don't signal anything useful.

    I use Multiple Choice Options for what @Pipedrive User 164 is suggesting.

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  • Pipedrive User 164

    In my case I find it better to have separate deals for each service type even at the same client site. It's not uncommon for example that you win the landscape maintenance but not the snow; or the sales close at very different times of the year. The color coding in my case is a handy reference in the pipeline view of which deal is the landscape maintenance and which is the snow.

  • Jonathan Gennick

    Deal labels are slightly less useful to me now that they don't appear at the top left next to the deal title. I use a label to flag priority deals that I want to pay particular attention to. I have another, ad-hoc label that I've created to flag a specific set of deals my boss has asked me to focus on. That label will live for maybe two or three more months, depending upon how fast those deals progress. I also use a label to indicate what essentially is a half-step in a specific deal stage. I didn't want to create an entirely new stage, but I wanted a way to know at a glance from the dashboard when a deal was in the second half of that stage.

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