Being able to see a Changelog Report

Sascha Hamm
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We have a number of users who reallocate deals without being allowed to do so. At the moment other than looking inside a deal there is no way to see who is doing this. It would be great to be able to download a changelog report to see the culprits.




  • Bobby_37242
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    There are 3 things I know of to monitor or fix this.

    1. (easy method) Use deal updated trigger in workflow automations to email you yourself or message a slack channel when someone changes a deal and who it was. Then you can use the search bar in either platform to locate the deal by ID and who changed it.

    2. (harder method) Using an webhook you can store specific edits to deals and who did it. Then with that data you can notify yourself immediately as it happens or just store to review whenever. With this method you can also monitor who is changing what, and if its not the exact user that you want to change things you can automatically revert the deal to what it was before the change. Webhook payloads come with previous and current deal data when the change happens.

    3. I'm not sure of your exact situation, but if users are changing deals you don't want them to then it sounds like you can restrict deals to owner only and turn off other permissions to fit your process.