Take a moment to be grateful, your year was not only about work!

Marta El Bay (CloudTalk)
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2022 is coming so fast! When I thought about my last post of 2021, I decided not to make it about my job. We spend so much time thinking in terms of productivity, deadlines, growth strategy,... that we just forget very often to stop and be grateful for all the other things that make our days worth being lived. 

I do not like New Year's resolutions, I prefer to set my intentions day by day, respecting my rhythm and embracing every little change that might occur, and change my plans.

I would rather end the year with gratitude for what I have been living up until now. I am grateful to my family and friends, who have been close to me and supported me throughout these years. I am grateful for having a job that I like, in a company that allows me to travel and see my loved ones more. I am grateful for all those little things that made every day special: a good book by the sea, a good art exhibition, an amazing camping experience with friends, a night walk listening to music and looking at the landscape,...

And you? What are you grateful for? 😊


Happy New Year! 🎉

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