Requiring a custom field when a deal is marked lost...

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We're working on identifying our SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and in order to do that, we need to clearly identify which deals are SQL and which are non-SQL.

The feature request is this... I'd like to be able to configure a custom field to display on the pop-up when I mark a deal as lost.

So, we'd create a custom field with predefined options as "SQL" and "non-SQL" and marking a deal as lost would prompt us to make sure that field has a value in addition to the lost reason.

Ultimately, we'd use that data in reporting to make better business and marketing decisions.

By including it in the pop-up, we're putting it in front of our Sales team to make sure the field is filled out in an attempt to keep the data as up-to-date as possible. In the meantime, we can make it an important field, but the additional prompt would go a long way.

Besides habit and practice, does anyone have any other ideas to prompt a salesperson to complete the field when a deal is closed?

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  • Katie Moore
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    Hi Meg,

    You (or an admin user) should be able to set the custom field as required in Company Settings and then select "Marking Deal as Lost". If I'm understanding correctly, you would need the "Single Option" type.

    Another option (if applicable) could be to make this field required at an earlier stage in the pipeline.

  • meg.palumbo
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    Thank you Katie! I knew you could make it required at a certain deal stage, but not at won or lost, that's a really helpful tip! I'll have to test it out.