Bulk unsubscribes list upload - can I do this to update those contacts that match with email address

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I am looking to shut down a Mailchimp account and want to ensure all unsubscribes are unsubscribed in Pipedrive / Campaigns. Can I do this with a spreadsheet upload? Also I don't want new records created if there are no matches... Please assist! Thanks !

I have my answers now and the pain is that I can't upload a spreadsheet only matching with email address, you have to import "name" fields... which for many records I don't have... also the ones that I do, I don't actually want to override that field as name data in pipedrive is likely to be more accurate.



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    Hi, James 

    Thank you for seeking advice here in Pipedrive Community!

    Bulk unsubscribe list upload should work. But new records will be created if there are no matches. So those could be filtered and removed after uploading. 

    Name field next to the email needs to be added when importing contacts.


    1. If you have a person named Jorge with random@somekindofdom.com email next to it, uploading a new person with name e.g. Peeter but with the same email will create a new contact with the same email. 
    2. If person Jorge has email random@somekindofdom.com whose Marketing status is Subscribed, then uploading a new person, e.g. Peeter with the same email random@somekindofdom.com and Marketing status Unsubscribed, will change marketing status for Jorge email as Unsubscribed

    James, maybe you have heard about or used the Suppression Lists feature where you can add all opt-out emails to which the system will never send out campaigns while email is suppressed? Is this something you are looking for in Pipedrive Campaigns?