New: Filter improvements have been released! 👏

Dace Kraučuka
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Hello, Campaigners!

I’m the Product Manager for Campaigns and I’m happy to share that we have created improvements to make your work easier and faster.

The problem:

During usability testing, we noticed that it is not convenient to go to the Contact list, create a filter, remember its name 😱and add it to the campaign.

The solution:

So we added the possibility to edit and create filters directly inside campaign creation! 🥳

As an extra, we added a simple and sweet preview of the contacts who will receive the campaign and the list of those who are excluded too (eg: the contact doesn’t have an email address, their marketing status Subscribed, etc).

Learn how to use these new filters here. 

I encourage you to try it out! 

Reply in the thread if you have any questions or comments and I'll answer 🙂



  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Great job Dace. This was one of the bigger friction points.