Locked out of my account.....

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I posted this in the FB Group as well.  I was having an issue with my calendar syncing and the advice the Pipedrive bot gave me was to "clear my cache and cookies". I did so and now I cannot log in. Apparently logging in using the same device but multiple browsers is now a no no. I have been seeing these post over the past few weeks about people being locked out and now it happens to me. Sorry Pipedrive I use Safari and Chrome on my computer, I have an iPhone, and an iPad. Who was the brilliant person that thought up this new rule? Very poor way of treating of your mostly good customers to stop the few bad actors. Now how to get access to my 4 devices? Really 3 devices but the Mac I use more than one browser. 


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    Hey Brandon!
    I am sorry to hear that. Don't worry, our support team will get you back on your account. Can you email us to support@pipedrive.com?