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I would like to see the leads reporting (Insights) feature. Currently, I can use reporting only on Deals which is around 30% of my prospects. Therefore couldn't track my efforts for 70% of the pipeline.

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  • Organic Colour Systems Admin
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    We have only just started using the Leads Dashboard and I'm astounded that there is no way to add Lead Reports to Insights!

    It would be really beneficial to know how many Leads are converted to Deals, how many leads we get from different labels etc.

  • Chris Richardson-Smith
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    Completely agree - I hope Admin are watching this - it is currently a huge flaw in the system. I'm looking to do a review of our CRM in the context of others, and while Pipedrive's deals function is great for us, the lack of lead insights is a massive hindrance.

    Just had a demo of Ruler analytics, but not sure why I should have to pay twice for the system which already has all the data in it (Pipedrive!!)