Smart Contact Data - ability to copy / transpose to contact details

Will Todd
Will Todd Member Posts: 2

When you use the smart contact data lookup, there is no easy way to add smart contact info to a person's contact details, i.e. copy it from the smart info box to their actual saved contact details.

This would make this feature so much better.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Mark Felegyhazi
    Mark Felegyhazi Member Posts: 4
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    Hi PD Team, 

    Adding Smart Contact Data by one click/automatically has been constantly asked on forums in the last 2+ years. When do you think the Pipedrive product team will schedule this? Without the ability to copy the smart contact data to the actual contact fields, this feature is pretty useless.
    I'm unable to export and process contact data that sits in the Smart Contact Data part. Once it is in the actual contact fields, I can analyze/export. Please make a button to copy smart data into contact/org data, or make it populate contact data automatically.


  • Paulo Coelho
    Paulo Coelho Member Posts: 3
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    Agree. The smart data is almost useless unless you copy it manually. You can't even search for it (this would be a nice feature).

  • Sebastian Heydorn
    Sebastian Heydorn Member Posts: 1
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    And still no Update from Pipedrive here!

  • Mike Carter
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    Thought I was using this wrong, but after seeing everyone's comments here I am not. Any update from Pipedrive here?

  • Vlasta
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    i have a +1 to this request!