Enterprise Sales: Staying focused on the close over long sales cycles

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Going up-market, hunting for the large prestigious logos, and landing this huge contract

More best practices for enterprise sales on Pipedrive: Get the Whitepaper

Three tactics to help you stay focused over a long sales cycle:

  • 🗺 Build a plan from your target (the close e.g. “x signs y”) backward: what sequence of actions need to happen to lead to that point.
  • ❓As you progress, come back and review your plan frequently: which assumptions were valid, which did prove wrong? Which circumstance changed since the last time you visited your plan?
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑“if you want to go far, go together” for eyes see more than two, so review your plan with your team or your manager whenever possible.

Three Pipedrive Best Practices to excel:

Use the deal activities thread to create an action plan with all the information required for at least the next 3 critical steps.
 When reviewing your action plan with your colleagues use the mentions function in notes to share feedback.
On the vizrm org-chart you can easily see over-due tasks marked in red.