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Dean Tavener
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Hi there - it'd be great if we could set profile or organisation-wide defaults for email scheduling times. The current defaults are too generic - e.g. "Tomorrow Morning" defaults to 09:00 which means emails will be arriving at the same time as a lot of newsletters, calendar notifications, snoozed emails from Gmail and other noise, so our message is likely to get lost in the noise of the recipient's other notifications.

I know we can set a custom time, but if I'm emailing a lot of contacts with similar messages, it's annoying to constantly have to click CUSTOM and type in something like 09:12 as the send time, every time. I never really want to send an email at exactly 09:00 so it would be better if I could just change that default so that "tomorrow morning" always meant 09:12, or any other time I choose as a default. 

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    This would be very much appreciated and is a basic coding fix.