Data Enrichment and Exporting Segments to Mailchimp

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Hi Community,

We're struggling with two areas and looking for some advice/insight into how others may have done the same:

1. Data Enrichment

  • We have approx 3.5k contacts in Pipedrive that are people we've spoken with over the past 8-10 years to varying degrees.  It's largely completely out of date.  We'd really like to use it to see what business we might be able to develop from it (It's a secondry set of data to existing trading clients/active pipeline and data we're accuring from lead gen activities).
  • In order to update the data we really need some sort of mass enrichment to update both Organisation details and Contact Details.
    • We've looked at Data Services like ZoomInfo but are a pretty expensive recurring charge
    • We've seen some manual data enrichment services where we can pay a one-off charge per record and the enrichment gets outsourced (Services like Cloud Lead, Whistle Data and B2B Lead Army)

Any clever ideas that we've missed or overlooked? 

2. Data Segmentation and Exporting Segments to an E-Mail Platform like Mailchimp

  • We've segmented our existing clients by Industry/Sector and Products that they use and we're going to use those two characteristics combined to create segments that we can market into
  • We can build out a filter/search in Contacts (by asking it to list contacts of organisations where they are from a particular industry and using a particular product) and we can subsequently export that to Mailchimp (which we currently use)
  • However, we can't figure out a way to export those users and 'tag' them with a segment so that it pulls through into Mailchimp.  We're on the Essentials plan which gives us up to 3 audiences - We only have approx 150 contacts that are existing clients (plus the 3200 odd non-clients that we're going to begin marketing to once the data is enriched/sorted)
  • From what I can see, we'd really need a different audience per segment (Approx 15 industries and 10 different products so there's a fair few permutations for 'segments'.  To do that, we'd need Mailchimp Premium - A $3k increase or so.
  • Is there a clever way that we can export industry/product info from Pipedrive to Mailchimp?  That would allow us to send to contacts tagged with a particular industry and product from within Mailchimp

Thoughts/Ideas/Alternatives to Mailchimp that might allow us to do what we are trying to do would be very welcome.


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    Hi Stephen,

    Alas haven't tested data enrichment tools. We've integrated Clearbit data into Pipedrive and this is great for basic info like company size, industry, etc.

    If you don't export data into Mailchimp frequently you could add a custom field (or 2 custom fields) to each contact in Pipedrive to store info in products and industry. And you should be able to map this to a Mailchimp custom field that can be used for building segments within an Audience.

    Alternatively, try our 2-way Pipedrive - Mailchimp integration. It syncs all the necessary fields to Mailchimp and keeps the systems in sync going forward ie. if you modify the fields for a contact in PD or add new ones, changes are reflected in Mailchimp. As a bonus, you can see email engagement back in Pipedrive. 

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    To export industry/product information from Pipedrive to Mailchimp or another platform and perform CRM enrichment, you might consider using third-party integration tools or services like Zapier or PieSync. These tools can help connect your Pipedrive and Mailchimp accounts and automate data syncing between them, including custom fields and tags. CRM enrichment is the process of enhancing customer relationship management data with additional information to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics.

  • David Gurr (
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    As well as Zapier or Piesync, you might want to consider Make (

    Make is a visual, no-code workflow automation platform that can be used to build simple or complex workflows between Pipedrive and over 1400 other SaaS solutions (including Mailchimp).

    Make allows for business logic (if/then/else branching) and iteration. You don't need any coding skills, and there's some great, free training courses available.

    Apart from Mailchimp, you might also want to consider ActiveCampaign, Brevo (previously Sendinblue) or Klaviyo. Make has connectors for all of these and more.

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    Quick question, does Make's connector with PD and Active Campaign allow 2-way sync? For example, I'd like to be able to see in PD when someone has opened an AC email. Better yet, if it could tell me if someone has clicked a link in the email?


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    @Graham Cox Outfunnel does what you're looking for.

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    @Graham Cox - I believe so. I'm not an expert in ActiveCampaign though.

    One thing to understand ... Make provides the connections to the API endpoints of each system. You then define yourself exactly what business logic you want to run, and the workflow steps between them.

    It's not a black-box connector - it's fully flexible and definable.

    You can see here all the modules in Make's ActiveCampaign app:

    If I understand correctly, the "Watch Events" module subscribes to a Webhook from ActiveCampaign which can fire when a campaign is opened by a contact or when a campaign link was clicked by a contact. You can then build a scenario to do whatever you want with that information.

    Similarly, you can build a scenario to watch for events in Pipedrive and then take relevant actions in ActiveCampaign.

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