How to clean up your Pipedrive account

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Dear Pipedriver,


Have you received an email with daunting subject: “Your Pipedrive Account is at 90% Limitation…” and are on the verge of deciding to either clean up your account, do nothing or upgrade your plan? 

Well, first and foremost reasonable action would be to clean up your account by optimizing your Pipedrive data. Here we would like to help you to save your time on researching how to do it. 


You can access this on-demand webinar, where Pipedrivers Nicolas Devolder and J.Rose will take you through tips and tricks on:

  • How manage your data for increased focus and better conversion rates
  • Search for the info you need quickly and easily
  • Organize your deals with different categories: e.g open deals, rotten deals, deal status, leads inbox etc.
  • Use custom fields to tailor filtering to your business specific needs
  • Centralize and focus on deal and reporting info that matters most


Now, if you still need some guidance on this matter, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team or your personal Account Manager.


Enjoy the relaxing effects from organized and tidy account 💎

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