Reporting on Leads (not Deals)

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Hi folks, 

Interested to know if I can report on 'Leads' or is it only 'deals' I can report on? 

keen to pull through number of total number leads vs wins, not just conversion of deals.





  • Tatyana Kermach-Hamidova
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    yes, very interesting question. I would like to know the answer as well. 

  • Kevin_57680
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    Yea the deal conversion is great, but I need to now manually calculate total number of leads vs conversion, not ideal as my time is precious lol!! 

  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Kevin,

    While this is not yet possible, it is definitely something on our Insights' team roadmap. There is currently no ETA I can share, but the team is already working on it :)

    Wish you a lovely week!