To Prepare For The Metaverse, Brush Up On Core Business Values

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What is the metaverse? What does it have to do with the evolution of technology and more importantly, what does it mean for businesses? In this article for Forbes, Pipedrive's CTO @Sergei Anikin explores this matter in more detail:


"The vision of a metaverse has been with us for decades in science fiction and appears to be an inevitable future, being willed into existence through a kind of narrative imperative: Because we want so much to explore these exciting technologies, they will inevitably be made."


"Business leaders should begin thinking about finding the right technologies to build their future growth in these new markets and new worlds. They can be forgiven for not anticipating the impact of the internet — or even the mobile phone. But if they can't see the clear correlation between computing power, connectivity and the worlds that open up when we have the devices to make our imagination appear in reality, they'll miss out on whatever the emerging metaverse becomes."



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    Would love to hear about how small to medium size businesses are preparing or already engaging this parallel.