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I've had a couple of clients explain their understanding of a Lost Deal to me when introducing Pipedrive, many feel the term Lost isn't what suits their business. I understand that if you Lose a Deal it doesnt remove itself from the system, you can apply a reason and report on it. 

However, I wonder if in the future it would be possible to have a customizable Lost button (e.g. Not Now?)

Currently I advise clients that this cannot be changed but to add a Not Now reason to your list to help filter these Deals further and report on

Thank you. 

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    Workaround: You could set up a workflow so the Deal can be set to lost but isn´t disappearing:

    • set a custom field in Deals: "Lost but not now" with Yes or No
    • Workflow: 
      • If Deal is lost AND custom field "Lost but not now = Yes"
      • then "duplicate Deal" + "set activity in X days to remind the customer"
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    This is a problem in their selling system. Pipedrives use of "lost" is correct. If a deal is lost it is lost. It's not coming back. That's different to "delayed", "postponed", "not now" etc.

    Those types of deals status need their own selling workflow.

    By the way "not now" is no. :-)