Adding person/org fields as mandatory for closing deals

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In Pipedrive's professional tier we're able to set certain deal fields as mandatory for closing a deal.

However, sometimes critical fields reside in the person / organization and not the deal - and the current implementation prohibits from setting person fields as required for deal progress or closing.

Is it planned to add person and organization fields as mandatory to deal progress?



  • Alex Stueber
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    Hey @David Zisner how are you? That's true it would be nice.

    But it's very tricky to make People & Org fields mandatory to deal progress, because it's directly linked to the contact, and in PD you can have many deals for the same contact.

    However what you could do is to use a workflow automation if the "required" fields are:


    Person Phone number (empty)
    Person email address (empty)

    Organization address (empty), as example.


    Than let's say If you Win a deal and one of the fields above are empty, You can then update the Deal status to Open again, not letting the user Win a deal where you have empty fields.

    That's not much inside PD but if you use other tools as you know well you might be able to come up with something.

    I wish I could help more.