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Elesa Prillwitz
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Hi there,

Does anyone have a work around for proposing times via Pipedrive that allow for more participants than just the host and the person who signed up for that timeslot to be added automatically to the meeting? Currently having to manually add people after each scheduled meeting and it looks so unprofessional with the additional meeting confirmation being sent out. 


  • Amit Sarda (
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    Try Calendly?

  • Jakob Thusgaard
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    Hey @Elesa Prillwitz. Just tried to set up automation between Pipedrive and Zapier, which would trigger on a meeting being scheduled and assign that activity to multiple other people. 

    Didn't work.

    I'd go with @Amit Sarda's suggestion and try out Calendly. Depending on the specific setup you're looking for either the Professional or the Teams plan will be right for you.