Required field at a deal stage but does not show in "add deal" page.

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Hey PD Community, 


The more I learn about this CRM the more I fall deeply in love with Pipedrive. Bravo overall and I'm forever a fan! There is most likely a hand-to-face emoji during this but for now, I'm at a loss. Thank you all for your help ahead of time. 

We have changed many of our "deal fields" from "required" in a particular stage to "important" to clean up the "add deal" window and simplify the process. In doing so we have a required field that we don't want certain teammates to have to answer so we don't want it to show in the "add deal" window process. Is there a way to remove it from "add deal" but still make it required when it hits that stage further down the road? How can we make this happen so, at any particular stage, that teammates will only be required to input the fields assigned to them? 


Loom video to better describe.


Thank you!