Organizing People in SaaS Sales process

Stefan Auweiler
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we provide a SaaS solution either directly to the customer or using sales partners.
Even if we sell using a sales partner, we are in direct contact with the using customer.
In one extreme case, a single person at a customer is my direct contact in one project and indirect contact (via sales partner) in another project.  

How would I set up the people, organizations, and deals?

1 Me ------------------ Customer A--------Person A ----Deal A

2 Me-------Partner-----Customer B--------Person B ----Deal B

3 Me ------------------ Customer C--------Person C ----Deal C

4 Me-------Partner-----Customer C--------Person C ----Deal D


Who would I link a deal to, to correctly report on the long term?

I would need to report the following:

  • revenue with each customer
  • revenue with each partner


My first reflex would be to assign deals to the people, I'm selling to and in the case of resellers, I'd name the Deal "Product in Customer C project".

But I fear problems in the long run to distinguish communication for certain cases.

Any advice or hint to a readme would be highly appreciated.





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    Hey @Stefan Auweiler 

    Considering your question I would say it depends on if you've had automated your deals' creation, orga creation, assignment creation etc…

    Personally, I do manager my deals the following way :

    I watch if there is any person created, if not I created, or I update it

    Then I create a deal link a product a user and a person

    Then I create or update an organization

    For my reporting, I'm using tag 

    By the way, I'm specialized with workflow automation, and I'm also an Integromat Specialist certified. 

    If you want to discuss more, feel free to contact me at :