Any suggestions for drip feed email automation apps?

Neil Osborne
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Hi there,

We've just been informed that Mailigen is being sunset(ted) which is a shame as it's drip feed automation to win back lost leads was really actually quite good. We've been told that this will be added to the Campaigns feature in Pipedrive, but can't be given any indication of when this will actually happen meaning we're stuck without any win-back drip marketing app at the moment.

We've been testing various options listed on the Pipedrive Marketplace, but nothing so far has given us the flexibility to access specific filters (lost reasons) within Pipedrive to really target our leads at their specific stage on their journey. They also tend to be more focused on bulk email sending rather than individual drip/nurturing/time delayed emails that we're looking to automate. 

Could anybody suggest a good app to use for this? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • Keith Gereghty
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    FunnelFLARE or ActiveDemand. I use FunnelFLARE. Customer support is very very good. Good luck!

  • Stephen Dorling_4110
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    This sounds like a good Outfunnel use case.  We're using them currently to sync fields from Pipedrive to Mailchimp for our HTML templated E-Mails like Newsletters etc... so our use case is different to yours.

    But, Outfunnel has the ability to run mail campaigns as part of it's capabilities either as actions (i.e. lead does something in Pipedrive then send 'this' template or as a sequence) and is very flexible.

    Their Co-Founder/CEO (Andrus) keeps an eye on this Community and their whole team have been both patient and incredibly helpful with us.

  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Neil. Just FYI, Mailigen is being sunsetted in November this year, meaning you still have a lot of time to explore and you should not be stuck without any win-back campaigns. 

    Automations for Campaigns is coming in Q2 this year, so you should have enough time to do a swap.