Group email - solution to the max 100 problem

Samo Jurdik
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  • Go to Deals - List view
  • Create a filter with the customers you want to email. Plus also include into the filter Deal -> Email messages count -> is -> 0 (or whatever number you are looking for)
  • Bulk select all - Send group email - accept the notification saying max 100 emails is possible.
  • Wait until all 100 are sent. Reload the Deals - List view with this filter. You will only see deals where the email HAS NOT BEEN sent.





  • Dhanavel. S
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    Can you help how to automate the follow up email along with the thread (forwarding the same) email?

    Day 1 -> Email sent

    Follow up date 1 (day 2) -> forward the day 1 email -> add message -> send email

    Follow up date 2 (day 3) -> forward the day 2 email (with day 1 email) -> add message -> send email