Feature Request: I'd like to be able to Smart BCC/add a specific email to a specific organization or

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Sometimes the email doesn't originate from the contact

  1. example #1: incoming initial inbound inquiry from a form we have on our website - separate from Pipedrive's webforms
  2. example #2: a colleague has forwarded an email to me where the original sender's contact information is further down in the email so email sync doesn't recognize that it should be linked to that contact/organization because the contact email address isn't in the "From" field
    1. Per Pipedrive support "The system will only be able to link received emails to existing contacts if their email address is part of the participants. If the contacts' email address is not on the conversation (cc'd), it won't be possible to link them to a contact.") 

Similar to how you can Smart BCC specific emails into a particular deal, I'd like the ability to do the same with contact/organizations and "manually" designate which emails get linked where.

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