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Hello everyone, I've created several scenarios that allow me to treat automatically my lead's entry from a form or, a contact sheet, or by Calendly (or other book meeting apps such as Setmore or Acuityscheduling).

My scenario does not duplicate any information such as organization, person except if it needed

My scenario also allows me to add a product from my Pipedrive catalog regarding the need of my client.

And I also send some emails automatically

Your sales team will save around 1h3O per week (accordingly to your volume entry of leads).

Personally, I save around 2 hours per week.

The best is that it cost me less than $35 per month.

I'm creating another scenario that will automatically create an invoice according to information about the organization and product. 

If you're you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact me here :

Contact :

Or you can set up a Calendly meeting (it's in french but I'll creat one in english) :

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