Chatting with a support person instead of a chatbot

Jan Ludvigsen
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The chat-bot is just another few clicks to what you really want - to chat with support. I have NEVER seen the chat-bot being able to answer my question, always I have to wait for the bot to admit it cannot help me, and then it will forward to the real support. In theory it sounds great with a bot, but what you really want is another person in the other end who can help you out. Therefore it is just more clicks + retyping of the question when you actually get in contact with support. In these matters, support should be able to scroll up and see what the question was in the first place, instead, I have to re-type the question again. I have no complaints about the support, they are always nice and helpful, but please eliminate the chat-bot


Regards, Jan Ludvigsen



  • Kreete K
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    Hi Jan! 

    Thank you for the feedback! Actually, our Pipebot has been helping us a lot and we can see the bot also resolves many cases, in which just sharing information is needed. But of course, if you have more detailed questions or complex technical issues, an agent is needed. You can always also select to talk to a person. I understand this is an extra step for you, but the Bot has proved to be very hard working also :) 

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    @Amit Sarda offers support in WhatsApp.

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    How to I select chat with a person? I don't see the option.