Productivity, Innovation And Spotting The Signals Of Change

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Pipedrive's CTO Sergei Anikin weighs in on what change means for companies, the opportunities it presents and how to deal with change in a way that benefits your business. You can catch the full Forbes article here.

Business productivity relies on the interconnection of many factors. Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. Creating new marketing strategies and developing new products isn't a random, undirected process. Successfully innovating, particularly in a volatile market full of competitors, distractions and risks should be a very carefully considered approach, led by solid data that reflects the real world.

Business, technology and marketing leaders must have a thorough understanding of the changing demographics and variables of prospects and customers. This multidisciplinary requirement relies on technologies like CRMs, data analytics to find trends, and empathy and human understanding to know what the right thing is to do with that data — and those people.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, knowledge of the customer and their future journey is key to planning for long-term volatility. This understanding must be part of the entire business planning process to support any kind of operations, from manufacturing to marketing.