Private deal details visible to users that shouldn't see them via workaround

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Hello PD team,

Our setup is pretty straightforward and common. We have all deals set to owner and follower visibility only. However we have all contacts set to visible company wide, this prevents us from having numerous duplicates of contacts for the same people in the system from various users adding the same person.

Unfortunately even though individual users have no access to each others deals and deal details (notes, activities, etc), when they go to the contact for people who are associated with other users deals, they can see all of the notes, activities, and various pieces of information from deals that they have no access to. 

This is totally counter to the permission system for people to be able to see deal details through the contact. If you can't see a deal, you shouldn't be able to see everything about it by going to a contact that you DO have access to.

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    Hi Robert! 

    In this case, a user should see only these Notes and Activities that are attached to items they have visibility over. Are you sure these Notes and Activities were not added on the Contact Person level but were added on the Deal level? If yes, please reach out to our Support via in-app chat or email so our agents could check exact examples and investigate a bit further. Thank you!