Calendar sync issues - pulls all calendars across and wont remove once synced

Kevin Thomas_33822
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Calendar Sync is hugely inconvenient in the way this currently works. Our team were excited in being able to use the "Propose Time" option and was all looking like this could resolve a big issue for us but the way the current calendar function works, it just won't be possible to use it as it pulls across all the calendars which is the first issue but then won't remove them once you select another calendar which is the second issue. The third issue being recurring events not being able to be edited/removed either.  

This means we cant send out to our clients the facility to send our clients our availability and for them to book in as the calendars that have been pulled across are conflicting with it. Please can this be sorted as would help massively to manage our appointments?

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    I'm sure one-way-sync does not resolve the issue.

    Mess in the calendar is one thing. The problem is Scheduler tool stops to work at all due to redundant items - there are no available time slots.

    FYI I already tried to contact with Support - they wanted me to gather all unnecessary event's titles and times so the Tech team can delete those. All across the all the teams? Haha! At this point I'm even unable to deliver the titles - there are so many redundant activities still in PD's calendar titles aren't displayed.

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    Hey Kevin :)

    You can choose which one of your calendars you want to sync (you don't need to sync them all). If by mistake you did and would like to correct that, our lovely support is able to help.

    Regarding recurring activities, it is true they are not currently supported. However, the good news is that our product team is actively working on this to make them available in the future.

    I hope this helps!