Automate create deals from ActiveCampaign to PipeDrive

Dennis Veldhuis
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We use both PipeDrive and ActiveCampaign. PipeDrive is used by sales, ActiveCampaign is used by marketing for lead generation, lead nurturing, etc. Since we have MQL (ActiveCampaign) and SQL (PipeDrive) separated, and don't want sales to interrupt our marketing activities in ActiveCampaign, we'd like to be able to automatically create deals in PipeDrive for further follow up by sales.

So, workflow will be:

1) Lead generation by marketing (SEO, SEA, Social Ads, etc)
2) Lead Nurturing by ActiveCampaign to nurture leads towards SQL (Quote request, demo, etc)
3) Deal created in PipeDrive so sales can further follow up on SQL 

On the ActiveCampaign site, they suggest the above workflow is possible. However, I can't seem to find anything in ActiveCampaign to create deals in PipeDrive.