Is it better to have one or two PD accounts when owning multiple businesses

John Sullivan
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What are the pros and cons?

Would like to share single sign on and functions/features/zaps

Each company will have a different email/domain


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    Separate accounts.

  • Alex Stueber
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    @John Sullivan How are you?
    Well, it depends...

    Before deciding on one or more accounts you need to ask yourself some questions and see if the answers are adequate for one account or multiple.

    Like, are the sales processes the same for both businesses? Even if the sales process is not the same you still can have one account to manage multiple businesses.

    Do you share the same database? Or each company must have a client database separate? This is very important and might be de decider for you.

    Sharing the same database has some advantages, however, you need to know if you want to have the information shared between businesses.

    Cost-wise is an issue. Having 2 accounts can be more expensive, let's say that you need access to both businesses, having two accounts you need one user in each account, doubling the cost, even if the email address to connect to Pipedrive is the same, you still have to pay for 2.

    Double work to create workflow automation if processes are the same. Having one account is a lot easier to manage, and therefore, fewer mistakes if you need to repair workflow automation that you have for both businesses. Also, less time creating automation.

    The best is to contact a Partner and have an audit, where you can ask for advice and maybe play around before deciding.

    Here in the community, you find lots of Pipedrive partners, like us - BLC-Conseil, so you can have a better understanding and a better final result for your project too.

    I hope that helps, and as I said those are just some questions ideas that you can use.