How do you hire a copywriter in 2022?

Will Sigsworth
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Email is a popular marketing channel, and for good reason. For each U.S. dollar spent on email marketing, brands can expect to earn back as high as $45 for retail, ecommerce, and consumer goods. As a result, a skilled email copywriter is a worthwhile investment.

But what should you consider when hiring an email copywriter?

In-house or freelance?

A full-time email copywriter will always be available, have time to develop a deep understanding of your business and write stronger copy.

A freelancer can be a more efficient use of resources. Rather than keeping them on the books, you can hire them on a project-by-project basis, which can work out cheaper.

Creating a job listing

Sites like Indeed allow you to advertise your job openings for both in-house and freelance copywriters. Also, consider advertising in communities like Copyhackers, where freelance copywriters hang out. 

Asking your network for referrals

A big concern when hiring email copywriters is getting the best value. Talk with people in your network who’ve already used someone. You may just find who you’re looking for through a mutual connection.

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